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Is this Heaven?

At the Profit and Loss Networking event there was consensus throughout all of the open discussions that FX markets require no change, and none is coming. In private, there is a darker undercurrent.

The Heartbleed Effect

Edward Snowden’s revelations meant some hard thinking for IT professionals. The fallout from the Heartbleed vulnerability might only just be beginning.


For a financial institution the idea of assembling “a bench of talented athletes” and hoping they generate a talented organisation is not a winning plan.

Why is eCo “eCo”?

A name can say a lot. We called ourselves eCo Financial Technology because markets are getting ever more electronic, reliable mutualisation strategies turn upon embracing rather than denying commercial realities, and Financial Technology matters – and should be better.

eCo – destination or waystation?

Everyone agrees that financial institutions spend too much on non-differentiating software but opinions vary on how far outsourcing and federating models can be taken. A robust model for commercialising source code offers the greatest scope for realistic short/medium term savings. It also provides a stepping stone that significantly increases the chances of more ambitious strategies working too.

eCo Service Partners

The role of the Service Partner is central to eCo. Here’s why, together with examples of the firms who are engaging with us already to shape and fulfil this function.

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