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Is wholesale banking disruption-proof?

There is a school of thought that wholesale and investment banking is immune to true disruption by financial technology – that the protective complexity of these businesses will give the incumbents time to assimilate new technologies. In a recent report, for example,...

Fintech and wholesale banking: why nothing has changed

Staff turnover, regulation among five factors holding banks back Over the past decade the software industry has been revolutionised by a set of new technologies. They keep close company – where you find one you’ll often find several – and the firms that have played...

Pre-trade risk checks

When a “tech issue” becomes a management catastrophe Amidst all of the change and turbulence in the years since the financial crisis, one constant trend has been a continuing rise in the proportion of trades that are conducted electronically. This brings many...

The New Equations of Tech Value

A pre-crisis focus on creating value through proprietary technology has been superseded by the search to find smart, effective ways to utilise the best software from elsewhere.

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