Creating liquidity in software

The trusted marketplace for community open source software

Buy from peers

License proven software from peers whose needs are like your own.

Sell to peers

Monetize your own best software by licensing it to peers – without picking up support obligations.

Increase success with software companies

License software from specialist suppliers with full access to source code.


Collaborate on developing new software where the existing offerings are unsatisfactory.


eCo’s diverse community includes participants with software interests in a wide range of functional focus areas such as FX trading, Risk Management, Data Management and Surveillance.



Legal Agreements

eCo’s framework legal contracts shrink-wrap the process of engaging in detailed multi-party discussion and executing transactions, whether simple or complex.



Technical Scrutiny

eCo’s independent Technical Assessment and Scorecard thoroughly evaluates software for portability.



eCo’s commercial model clearly separates roles and revenues for IP and Service, enabling each firm to benefit from its chosen core competence.



New Technology Options

  • Find software from banks and other financial institutions.
  • Co-develop software with institutions with common goals.
  • Collaborate on new software where existing offering is unsatisfactory.

Better Use of IT Spend

  • Complete simple to complex transactions more quickly with standardised eCo agreements.
  • Improve time-to-market by buying (source code) not building.
  • Save time and improve outcomes by seeing eCo’s technical portability scorecard before signature.
  • Generate revenue from IT investment; reduce maintenance costs; save by buying instead of building.

Leverage Experts

  • Improve code quality through scrutiny from more parties.
  • Leverage areas of expertise in other banks and financial institutions.
  • Identify strong and weak areas of software portability with the eCo Technical Assessment.