Optimising technology in an era of change

Keep business and IT on the same track

Typically at large firms, IT professionals and their business counterparts are organisationally distant.

This distance makes it hard to balance the pursuit of company goals with thoughtful management of the entire software and data estate.

eCo can help business heads to articulate their goals in the language of technology and find SMART pathways to success.

IT heads are under intense cost pressure led by the need to meet regulatory deadlines while keeping complex day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Senior management attempts to solve the cost problem faced by all large firms often side-step crucial issues of data fragmentation and software coherence.

eCo can help IT heads analyse tough technical issues, find solutions that respect business needs and then win support for them.

Reach beyond the walls of the firm

Hundreds of start-ups make ambitious claims about their applications and underpinning millennial technologies and it’s challenging to find the true nuggets.

The intrinsic complexity of wholesale banking, including an often impenetrable procurement process, mitigates against banks and fintechs working together successfully.

eCo has a rich network spanning the software and banking communities and can help you find innovations that will fit into and improve your in-place tech stack.

The pace of change in technology is rapid and it’s hard to stay on top of new developments, let alone spot the most relevant for your own firm.

To date, the wholesale banking and investment sector, despite a stated focus on innovation and collaboration, has failed to leverage the full benefits of emerging technologies.

eCo can help banks balance the wish to build or explore new technologies with the need to quickly pipeline the technology into active projects.


Expert Analysis

Provide expert advice on tech-rich topics (e.g. Best Execution, Big Data Architecture, Machine Learning)

Peer Benchmarking

Conduct cross-firm use/strategy comparisons on technologies of common interest

FinTech Assessment

Produce software scorecarding to help buyers survey their FinTech/vendor options

Open Source Use

Provide advice and tooling for full real-world use of OSS within financial institutions

Collaboration Plays

Advise on joint investment, development and/or utility creation initiatives

Software Estate Management

Help you find best-in-class software from a wide range of sources and optimise build/share/buy strategies


Software Monetisation

Provide commercial framework addressing quality, portability, support, marketing, valuation, IP ownership and liability